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Benefits of Incense

Incense has been used for centuries in many cultures for protection, healing and meditation. To this day many cultures still use incense for the exact same reasons.

Incense ingredients may be categorized into five classes: either (fruits like star anise), water (stems and branches like sandalwood), earth (roots like tumeric), fire (flowers like cloves), and air (leaves like patchouli).

Benefits of burning incense include

Relaxing – Burn fragrances such as Frankincense, Sandalwood & Cedar Wood for a calming effect.

Reduce Stress by burning Lavender, Sandalwood or Rosemary

Clear the air with Citrus, Myrrh & Cedar, 

Open the doorway to the spiritual world, meditation, increase sleep, medicinal and a whole range of benefits can be experienced when burning incense.

Most incense sticks are made from synthetics, some may contain essential oils.

Both incense sticks and incense cones are lit and generate a smoke which gives of the fragrance. There are a wide range of incense stick and cone holders/burners available on the market.




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Benefits of Incense

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