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Essential Oils or Incense? What’s the difference?

Both incense and essentional oils have been used by various cultures for centuries for both healing and spiritual rituals.

Both incense and oils are or were made from natural plant matter meaning they were all natural.

These days most commercially sold incense is synthetically made as too are most oils sold in stores, these types of incense or oils are mostly used for fragrances. 

So how do you know what is best?

Incense can be purchase in natural sticks and cones or even in smudge sticks such as sage. You burn the end of the stick or cone and it smoulders giving off a smoke which in itself can be quiet hypnotising to watch. This smoke can be toxic so it’s best to have a window open.

Essential oils can be used in many different ways. Diffused using a diffuser or humidifier. This method puts a vapour into the air of tiny oil particles which is absorbed by the body.

Wear oils on your body for therapeutic benefits or even as a perfume. You can even wear it on diffusing jewellery. 

Essential oils can also be used for cleaning.

When purchasing oils make sure you purchase certified, pure, therapeutic grade oils for their natural healing properties. 

So deciding between incense and oils is purely a personal choice. If your looking to frangrant your area  choose incense as an inexpensive option. 

If you want to purify your home and rid negative energies use sage smudge sticks, 

If your looking to fragrant and purify your living areas or looking for natural healing solutions choose essential oils. 

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Essential Oils or Incense? What’s the difference?

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